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This page is brought to you by Erik D. Milton. I am obsessed with Tomb Raider and decided to make a page about the sequel to my favorite game. I have gathered all the information I can on Tomb Raider 2. The release of TR2 will be sometime in November, roughly the 15th.

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7/17/97: Sorry about the mess on my pages but I've just started using frames and havnet quite figured it out yet. I have been gone the past couple of days and haven't had time to fix anything. Also I can't get the 3 new pictures up so you can still find them at

ALIGN="LEFT">7/15/97: Nothing much going on with Tomb Raider 2 right now. Although I have heard from Mr. Wolf that Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business(a 1 level add-on for Tomb Raider with Tomb Raider 2 features) will not even be released on the internet and the whole thing was dropped. It was originally supposed to be out in June but that's not going to happen.

7/15/97: I have gathered 3 new shots of the game from the PCGamer web site. I probably won't be adding much in the next month unless some new things pop up about Tomb Raider 2 so check back every day or so.

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